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Ageing is an inevitable process for all of us; some realities will always surprise us and make us realise things as we grow older, some more sombre than others. There are a lot of harsh realities one faces as one grows old. One of them is urinary incontinence.


Urinary incontinence is leaking or dripping urine or sometimes emptying the whole bladder due to a loss of bladder control owing to many different reasons, one is growing older.


Ageing might not be the primary cause of suffering from urinary incontinence, it could also be caused due to overactive bladder muscles, weakened pelvic floor muscles, nerve damage that affects bladder control, and many more. This issue is mainly categorised into two types – stress incontinence and urge incontinence; in addition to that, overflow incontinence, mixed incontinence, and functional incontinence are also subsets of urinary incontinence.


We should not ignore or underestimate the problem but find ways to better manage the issue, and wearing an adult diaper helps you better manage urine leakage! Some people might feel that they can control negligible leakage with disposable and absorbent urine leakage pads, then why do people wear diapers? If your situation is more acute, you’ll need to do more and may feel the need to wear diapers that give much more protection from leakage than pads.

Using adult diapers for men, women, and anyone else who needs it is a way to manage urine leakage for a longer period of time. Wearing diapers for incontinence is something that people cannot make peace with, and this leads to them avoiding conversations about it even with their doctors. As a result, they end up prolonging the problem longer than is required. This behaviour and mindset need to change, whatever your reasons to wear a diaper.

Urine leakage is an ailment where the patients often feel ashamed and are unable to speak to anyone about it. When we fall sick or catch the flu, the sensible thing to do is to go to a doctor or take some precautions. We don’t tease or shame the person suffering from the illness, then why shame the diaper wearing adults? They are already being ostracised by the majority of society. 

The ability to beat an affliction of the body without apprehension is something we should be extremely happy and proud of. Stigmatising people wearing diapers only adds up to their struggle. An adult wearing a diaper is often shamed and critiqued. It is time that we put an end to the jokes and start speaking up about this.


Adult diapers make life so much easier for a person suffering from incontinence. They help in making people step out of their houses, socialise and live a life of dignity. Friends has a range of adult diapers that fit everybody’s needs. We have been delivering the best-quality diapers to users across the globe for over twenty years! Friends diapers are skin safe with an anti-bacterial layer and the goodness of aloe vera. We ensure you have zero leaks with SAP that converts liquids into gel and a comfortable fit. Friends diapers are especially designed for the Indian body type. 

With Friends Adult Diapers Azadi Mubarak to you!

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