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Young women with diapers? Yes, it’s possible. Here’s how.

Childbirth, as much as it is a miracle, can do strange things to a woman’s body. Many women experience postpartum loss of urinary control, or urinary incontinence.

Why does this happen?

As the baby grows inside the uterus, a woman’s organs adjust to make space for it. The growth in the size of the uterus results in pressure being exerted on the urinary bladder and pelvic floor muscles, causing them to sag or weaken. Delivering the child normally, further complicates things. During labour, the woman’s hip joints loosen, cervix stretches, and as the baby passes through the vagina, the pelvic muscles, bones and ligaments also stretch.

Depending on the intensity and the duration of labour, most women take upto eight weeks to physically recover from giving birth.

As your body generates hormones to help your uterus contract, your organs too begin to feel the change. However, this may be relatively slow, with your pelvic muscles being unable to contract like before, resulting in a loss of urinary control.

As a result, nearly 50% of women experience a loss of urinary control post pregnancy, especially when lifting something heavy, laughing, sneezing or exercising.

 What to Expect from Postpartum Incontinence?

Will this last forever?

The type of incontinence experienced most commonly by new mothers is stress incontinence. This is caused when the bladder sphincter fails to function properly and ends up releasing urine at random points of time. Stress incontinence can be managed with adult diapers for women.

The loss of urinary control, may also be sue to the Overactive Bladder Syndrome which caused by the muscles around the urethra experiencing sudden, intense spasms. These muscles are meant to prevent urine from leaving the body, but if overstimulated can result in a loss of urine control. OAB can also be managed with adult diapers for women.

Women with diapers must consult their doctor to understand which form of incontinence they are facing, in case the loss of urinary control becomes too intense, prolonged or begins to affect their life and sleep.


What can I do?

Normally, incontinence caused due to childbirth lasts only a few weeks. Most new mother manage with adult diapers for women; which are a quick, easy and disposable solution.

Other methods to help with urinary control are:


Kegel exercises are quick routines to help tighten the pelvic muscles. All one has to do is to lie down on a surface and flex one’s pelvic muscles. The longer you squeeze them, the better. Ten reps of 10 seconds each is more than enough to help quicken your recovery. As kegel exercises may worsen the urge to urinate, it is best to do them initially using adult diapers for women. Adult diapers for women can help provide some sort of security to sudden urination.


Training your bladder to regain urinary control can be very helpful in managing urinary incontinence. Women with diapers use the toilet at fixed intervals, retraining their bladder to function at will, instead of waiting for a urinary urge. Adult diapers for women can help extend bathroom breaks from every 30 minutes to every few hours by providing a certain security against sudden leaks.

Train your bladder to regain urinary control


Cleaning up your diet by eating, fiber-rich healthy fruits and vegetables and avoiding caffeine, sugar, and spicy foods can help relieve stress on the bladder. It is also extremely important for women with diapers to drink 8+ glasses of water to avoid urinary incontinence and dehydration.

Women with diapers may be able to manage the situation, but it should be noted that this type of stress incontinence, more often than not, can be cured and not just managed. Which is why it is important for women with diapers to get out of the comfort of having adult diapers for women and making actual changes in eating and exercising habits.


In certain circumstances, women may need medical intervention to help regain urinary control. Devices such as the pessary or bladder slings are inserted to help support the bladder and rectum so as to control the involuntary flow of urine.

While there is a lot of taboo around the topic, women with diapers are more than capable of leading normal lives and getting back to their pre-pregnancy selves. It is important to acknowledge that childbirth is a huge event, and often women require as much help and support to get better soon. Women with diapers can focus on taking care of their child and life while the diaper takes care of incontinence. Women with diapers can also not get some peaceful sleep instead of tossing and turning, and having to wake up constantly to urinate.


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